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“Not tested on animals” VS “cruelty-free”

The market is using both of those terminologies and we started to build our product list, we wanted to ensure the safety of every product and of our planet

And we found a lot of definitions, that were sometimes the same and sometimes provide the true

Let’s put things in order together :

Cruelty-free means just tha the products, during all the steps of manufacturing and testing have not been testedby harming or killing an animal. And this is true for the final product and for each ingredients to ensure the safety of a product

Not tested on animals mean that the final product has not been tested on animals. 

But it doesn t mean that it’s the same for all the ingredients of the product…and the contrary is also true

So perhaps a not tested on animals product is also cruelty-free (or not)

Our advise : don t hesitate to ask the company all the questions you have in order to protect our planet and to protect yourself.

In a nutshell a cruelty free product can be vegan or not.

Also a Hallal product can be cruelty-free or not.

Vegure is here to provide you a niche of products that are cruelty free, Vegan and hallal.

For any question, contact us here

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