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What are the benefits of castor oil in cosmetics?

First of all, it s a natural oil extracted from the castor plant. 

It’s coming from the seeds of the ricinus communis plant, which is native to tropical areas of Africa and Asia.

The castor oil is thick and odorless and known both for its laxative affects and skin/hair benefits

Let’s come back to our cosmetic topic : India is one of the biggest producer of Castor oil. It s not very common to find it but for those who know it, they confirm the laxative effects and it s used also to induce labor (very dangerous btw to use it alone : ask your doctor)

This oil is considered safe if used as directed, and can be found in a range of skin and hair care products sold today.

In cosmetics, we love it a lot !

It’s a natural antiviral and has antimicrobial properties

We are using it for the treatment of skin problems known as dermatosis or fungal infections.

It s also known for hair growth.

By the way, in Egypt, Cleopatra reportedly believed the oil would brighten the whites of her eyes… believe it or not ;-)

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