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Anne, US


I m in love with the lipstick! Long tasting and very nice color ! will order more ! and the face make up and the brushes…. I m in love !


Montreal, Canada

Vegure : thanks toprovide products that are Halal, vegan and excellent ! your beard products are so good ! and your hair care collection ! what a smell and a touch ! looking forward to my next shop stop !



Stop and shop here ! finallyfound MY halal Cosmetic brand ! I bought brush, a palette, a shampoo and some gloss …. Well : I ll come back very soon ! and thanks for the coupon ! happy to be in your VIP list ;-)



This is the BEST Beard Butter I have ever used ! Period ! No doubt !



Vegure became one of my favorite discoveries this year. It s a vegan brand with amazing products that deliver results and good feeling to protect the planet and myself ;-)



The lipstiks I have ordered,are amazing. I recomand evertying you buy from this brand, is absolutely amazing products. Foundation is amazing. I have a very difficult skin, I exfoliate, I had issue with acnee too. The coverage is absolutely amazing. Very easy to blend, for me is important a good coverage, and the skin match is perfect, of what I choose. Is really great.



The products are the highest quality . I have extremely sensitive skin and their makeup products thankfully do not irritate my skin. I am so happy I found them!



My Second purchase . Makes me look more beautiful, which is the general aim! Also helps my mature skin look better . Great match to my skin tone. It’s a winner!



The customer service is just next to none, absolutely amazing.I was a little worried when my foundation was the wrong colour for me but getting in touch with customer services was easy and they sorted it out within hours.Highly recommend!I have already made another order!



Amazing makeup, incredibly buildable pigment in all their products to match any look you're going for. Really nice and helpful service. It's nice that they are Halal cosmetic brands.Plus, shipping has always been super fast for me.


New Jersey

I love this company, they go out of their way to make sure you’re absolutely pleasewith customer service and their products. Yes. Their products are amazing. I love their foundations, and all the other products. Yes I would highly recommend this company to people.



The customer service is outstanding. I've never dealt either an online company who come back to you with answers to your queries so quickly. I have to date purchased their lip and blush and the products are fabulous! Well worth the money spent.



Excellent products and the best match I could find for my skin tone. It is not easy to find good natural products and I am very happy that I found them. Vegan is so important!



The color was perfect, and the brush is so soft and cover very well all the face in few brushes. I recommend both !!The package was very nice and arrived about the time they said.



Because I love my first purchase, I’m back for more! I got 2 other lipsticks and a lipliner. Now this will keep me smiling!



Saved our business! We have no regrets! Thanks for the great service. FeeCup is worth much more than I paid Saved our business! We have no regrets! Thanks for the great service. FeeCup is worth much more!



I enjoyed my shopping experience. Friendly to use online shopping, the return policy I used once is great. My package arrives quickly every time! All their products are natural.

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