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Is It Halal To Use Cosmetics In Islam?

With the ever-increasing growth in the beauty industry, more and more makeup products are popping up in the market. Since Muslim consumers are a significant part of the beauty industry, they seek clarity on whether using cosmetics is halal in Islam. Keep reading to find out the answers to your questions.

How Does ‘Halal’ Apply To Cosmetics?

When it comes to cosmetics, the term halal refers to products produced with ingredients that align with Islamic teachings. Beauty products that do not contain any food, non-food item, or animal byproducts impermissible for Muslims to consume or use in any way are halal. In addition, products for which the manufacturing procedures abide by Islamic law are also halal.

Haram Cosmetic Ingredients and Procedures

Cosmetic procedures and products are not halal in the following cases:

  • If they are produced using ingredients prohibited in Islam, including those derived from pigs, human body parts, predatory animals, reptiles, insects, and alcohol.
  • If they lead to permanent alteration in human features such as lip tattoos, microblading, or permanent makeup that lasts for several months.
  • If they contain toxic ingredients or if the cosmetic procedure harms your skin in any way.

Safe Alternatives

Alternatives to traditional and toxic cosmetic products include:

Cruelty-Free Makeup

Cruelty-free makeup refers to products not tested on animals to assess their safety or effectiveness before being sold to consumers. It is also free from harmful chemicals such as sulfates and dyes that lead to inflammation or breakouts.

Mineral Makeup

It is made from crushed minerals that are naturally sourced and halal. In addition, mineral makeup is free from toxic ingredients and animal byproducts, making it halal.

Vegan Makeup

Vegan makeup products are made with plant-based organic ingredients, beneficial for the skin and environment. Additionally, they are ethically sound, as no animals are harmed during their production or testing.

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